In the News: Pharmavite Expansion in Opelika

Pharmavite expansion in Opelika

Good news! The upcoming Pharmavite expansion in Opelika will lead to more than healthy people. It will also foster a healthy local economy!

The Details

Pharmavite is one of the nation’s leading producers of vitamins and supplements. The company is planning to invest nearly $8 million in the expansion of its facility located in Opelika’s Northeast Industrial Park. The end goal is to increase manufacturing volume.

The Pharmavite expansion in Opelika will create about 81 new jobs this year. The company currently employs 460 people, according to an article in the Opelika-Auburn News.

The article notes that Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller said that this expansion is beneficial for many reasons. For example, it will offer better-paying jobs for our area. It will increase the city’s tax base. And it will fund education.

Who is Pharmavite?

In a nutshell, the company was founded to offer others a healthier way of life. Established in 1971, Pharmavite still focuses on improving overall health and wellness with essential nutrients and minerals. Products include Nature Made, MegaFood, Equelle and Nurish by Nature Made.

Science backs each product. Innovation is key as well. Pharmavite strives to find the nutrient gaps in our lives. Then, their team of scientists and researchers find solutions to fill the gaps.

More about the Brands

Nature Made is the leading vitamin, mineral and supplement brand in nine categories. Those include vitamins A, B, C, D and E; omega-3/fish oil, herbal supplements, mood health and more.

MegaFood pairs real food with key nutrients from trusted farm partners. To clarify, they purchase more than 700,000 pounds of organic produce and pair them with vitamins and minerals. The result is products like MegaFlora Probiotic and Turmeric Strength for Whole Body.

Ladies, suffering from hot flashes? Then you need to find Equelle! It supports women’s health and alleviates symptoms associated with menopause.

Finally, Nurish by Nature Made delivers personalized vitamin subscriptions straight to your door.


Does the Pharmavite expansion in Opelika have you thinking it’s time for a new career?

Living in a community committed to fostering health and wellness does have benefits! If you are in the market for a move, come visit Tree Tops. Like Pharmavite, we believe in the essentials. Discover more about us and community life by reading our other blogs!