Coming Up: Virtual Sportsplex Tri for Kids

Virtual Sportsplex Tri for Kids

We’ve all been keeping our children safe at home for the past few months, so that we can protect them and flatten the curve. Of course, kids can get a bit restless—but there’s still some fun to be had this summer. If your little athlete loves to compete—or simply just likes to have a good time outside—he or she will love this local event. The Opelika Sportsplex is conducting the Virtual Sportsplex Tri for Kids on Aug. 1. Never heard of it? Want to learn more? Read on for details!

What is the Virtual Sportsplex Tri for Kids?

Normally, the Opelika Sportsplex holds its yearly triathlon in person. This year, however, the Sportsplex wants to do all it can to keep our kiddos safe and healthy. That means your child can compete in the Virtual Sportsplex Tri for Kids from anywhere. They can also support the American Cancer Society, just by registering.

The triathlon includes three different events (swimming, biking, and running) for three different age tiers. Each event distance is tailored to specific age tiers, so that competitors don’t have to worry about overexerting themselves.

More on the Age Tiers

The first tier is ages 6 to 8. Their event distances are:

  • Biking one-and-a-half miles;
  • Running 500 yards; and
  • Swimming 50 yards.

The next tier is ages 9 to 11. Their event distances are:

  • Biking three miles;
  • Running one mile; and
  • Swimming 100 yards.

The third tier is ages 12 to 15. Their event distances are:

  • Biking six miles;
  • Running two miles; and
  • Swimming 150 yards.

Please remember to register your child at the age he or she will be on Dec. 31, 2020. Thank you!

Registration Details

You must register before the day of the triathlon in order to compete! You can register for the Aug. 1 event here. Tickets cost $35 per child, though discounts can be applied if three or more kids in the same household are signing up to compete. A medal and T-shirt come included. As for the winners, the top three competitors in each age tier will be recognized. You will also need a timer, so that you can record your child’s scores. You will also need access to a pool and should remember to social distance at all times.

Finally, remember, even if your child does not finish, remind your kid that he or she still tried his or her best! Good luck.


The summer needs a bit of excitement—and the Virtual Sportsplex Tri for Kids is bring just that to Opelika. Let your child in on the competition by registering for this Aug. 1 event.

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