6 Reasons to Love Living in Opelika

Reasons to Love Living in Opelika

When we think of where we want to live, we look at the area, weigh our options, and see if we actually see ourselves living there. Thankfully, Opelika checks off reason after reason of why we should plant roots here. Part of a growing community. Still rooted in Southern tradition. Dining and recreation options in abundance. The reasons to love living in Opelika seem to go on and on!

Anchored by a University

As Auburn’s sister city, Opelika likewise reaps the benefits of being near Auburn University , along with housing a branch of Southern Union State Community College. These two schools help ensure a thriving economy, reliable job source, and accessible reach to higher education.

Convenient Travel Options

Fan of day trips or weekend getaways? We are too! Located on the Interstate 85 corridor, Opelika offers quick zips to Atlanta to the Northeast or Montgomery to the Southwest. Head down Highway 280 and you’ll find yourself in Columbus, Georgia. Going the other way, Birmingham’s only about a two-hour drive.

Revitalized Historic Downtown

You can include a lively nightlife in the reasons to love living in Opelika. If you fancy tasty food and beverage, Opelika’s revitalized historic downtown can cater to your appetite. You can also enjoy a nice afternoon shopping trip, hitting up the latest consignment steals or store deals!

Unique Local Attractions

Along a similar vein, Opelika boasts a host of unique restaurant and bar choices. Treat your taste buds to a meal from Zazu Gastropub—then wash it down with a visit to Eighth & Rail or Ampersand Wine Bar. Each venue in Opelika comes with its own unique flair and ambience, setting them apart from more run-of-the-mill nightlife options.

Good Quality of Life 

Good schools, along with a cheaper cost of living, are among the reasons to love living in Opelika. In fact, the cost of living in Opelika is much lower than the national average! Opelika also touts a laundry list of top employers, giving the economy a nice boost.

GIG Internet

With how fast-moving modern life has become, internet speeds need to match pace. Opelika sure thinks so. Our city has joined only a handful across the country in transferring to a 100% fiber network with GIG internet speeds. Innovative to the core, Opelika is the first city in Alabama to adopt this network!


It’s not a very difficult search to find reasons to love living in Opelika. Sometimes, all you have to do is look around!

As part of the Opelika community, we’re all about doing the best by our residents. If you’d like to look into our lifestyle more, you can do so by visiting us online. Plus, even more reasons to love life here aren’t too far away: they’re over on our blog!