In the News: New Technology Park in Opelika

New Technology Park in Opelika

Opelika has made headlines once again, this time for a potential business boon. Our city welcomes an addition aimed at attracting businesses: a new technology park in Opelika. City leaders hope this new hub hooks investors to the area. The space now eagerly awaits new occupants.

What does this park mean for Opelika?

Officially named the Opelika Innovation and Technology Park, the new technology park in Opelika aims to entice businesses to plant roots here. This would both boost Opelika’s economy and its clout as a center for industrial growth.

Why Opelika?

The land where the new technology park in Opelika rests has been deemed an “opportunity zone,” which gives businesses incentives to relocate there. These include tax breaks, reduced leasing costs, and investment benefits. Businesses can invest in their own operations, and benefit by doing so. Plus, businesses in opportunity zones are given an advantage in grant making.

Where’s it located?

Basically in our backyard! Spanning 105 acres, the new technology park in Opelika is located along Highway 280 West, between Waverly and Veterans parkways. It’s close to major Auburn area institutions and landmarks, including East Alabama Medical Center, Southern Union State Community College, Tiger Town, and Auburn University.

That’s quite the location; though, you can’t get much better than life in Opelika—as residents here know well!


We’re very welcoming in our city, especially with additions like this new technology park in Opelika. In our view, the more businesses that call Opelika home—the better!

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