Coming Up: Eighth Annual Auburn Polar Plunge

Eighth Annual Auburn Polar Plunge

It’s January, and it sure feels like days spent at the pool are long behind us. Well, that’s not quite true! The Eighth Annual Auburn Polar Plunge is on its way this weekend. Hoping to make this fundraiser a swimming success? Here’s all you need to know about this amazing charitable event.

What is the Eighth Annual Auburn Polar Plunge?

The Eighth Annual Auburn Polar Plunge doesn’t just encourage residents to brave the cold of a pool in the winter—it also encourages them to raise funds for an important group: the Lee County Special Olympics. Once you register online here, you can start finding sponsors. You can also look for a cool costume! Dressing up is one of the big traditions involved in taking the Eighth Annual Auburn Polar Plunge.

Once you’ve finished your dive, you can warm up with some hot chocolate. Yum! You can also vote for your favorite costumes in the costume contest. And you should know: winners with the best costumes will get some pretty cool prizes!

Visiting Details

Excited to dive into this great event? The Samford Pool in Auburn will be hosting the Eighth Annual Auburn Polar Plunge on February 1 at 9 a.m. You can find the pool at 328 East Samford Ave. Remember—you need to register in order to brave the icy waters. Prefer to stay dry? Don’t worry—that’s an option too! You can always make a donation to the Lee County Special Olympics in lieu of jumping into the pool yourself.


Around here, we believe in taking great care of our community. That’s why events like the Eighth Annual Auburn Polar Plunge are always in season. After all, there’s nothing more important than helping out our neighbors.

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